“Why won’t you pick it up? It’s not like you to be so calculating.”
To put it into words, I can not sympathize Leonard Cole. I can not put up with the smell of that guy.
But it is not my responsibility to judge him. It is the role of the court. I won’t make a mistake here and I have no plan to make one
Because of this realization, I am trying to put a blue badge on Leonard. I am not sympathetic. “There are others like you out there. A few, but they are out there. I have been seeing your kind for too much ever since I was a child.
As long as there is a target in front of me, I couldn’t bully or strike others, the so-called ordinary people.
Maybe it’s because I’m working or just because of spontaneous pity, but I always have something to stop my own conduct.
My training in the military is primarily to scrape down such human-like weakness. Otherwise I can not fight.
But, someone like you do not have any human-like qualities from the beginning. You must have left them somewhere when you were born. Their creed is “I will always step on someone who falls in front of me.”. And, as a guideline for action, you only use pure calculation. You only take an action if you judge you cannot receive harm from it.
There is no risk associated with bullying Ogiwara for you, so you can bully him as much as you want. That was your thought process, was it not?
You beat him, kicked him, and took his money..
You knew he didn’t really have much money with him. You saw his suffering. And you gleefully trashed the place where he lived with the old man. Did you really want him to suffer that much?
But, now he died. And Your fun time is over. Your father cannot hide your crimes anymore.. At last the time has come for you to pay for what you have done.
And even so, why won’t you accept the blue badge that may give you some symphathy if even just a little?
Looking at your normal attitude, it’s not like you at all. Please tell me. Aren’t you just being narrowminded with the hate against your father?

“Shut up, shut up, shut up. That guy… even though he’s dead, how do I say this… Insects are more charming than him. Merely bullied like that and he already breaks. Hmph, so he’s dead. His torment is still not enough. Really, until the end, he’s such a useless person.”

Everyone, including me, in this room is an adult. We can be trusted not to act as our feelings dictate..

“Corporal, stop it!”
Before I can stop her, Corporal Elizabeth had already hit Leonard hard.


“I’ll release a statement that the one who hit the suspect was from the defense force, not from the police. I’m really, trully sorry.”
I apologize to Officer Fiona and Sergeant Miles.

I put Corporal Elizabeth outside the room. Maybe a spirit just doesn’t have self-control. How troublesome.


A small sadist named Leonard had never been attacked by someone in the original world or in this world, He was shivering, shaking, and crying his eyes out until some time ago.
It is a pathetic sight.
It’s a miracle that even though he’s this weak, he has no symphaty for others whatsoever.

I feel bad but I also have a job.

“Well … even though you’re crying now, Leonard, there is something I want you to tell me. I want you to tell me your name in the original world first.”
“… ….”
“Silence, huh? Now I don’t know that well on what to do with you. I don’t care if you call yourselves a sadist or a pervert or an ugly person. Furthermore, granting you a blue badge is my decision. No matter how much you resist it, I won’t change that. “
“…… Kutsuki Yuko, My name is Kutsuki Yoko”

His rebellious spirit ceases. However, his voice hasn’t turned weak. Even though he’s weak, he’s a rebellious guy.
“Then tell me the circumstances to the incarnation and the sender”

“I was a sophomore at a city high school. After school, I was waiting for someone I did not like in the back of the school building. No matter how much time had passed, he still wouldn’t come. I got angry and pulled out my cell phone, And then something dark surrounded me and I fainted.
When I came back, the first thing I saw was a woman wearing a tawdry-looking one-piece with long hair and a look of twenty years old. He said, “I will send it to more enjoyable places.” At my side I did not said anything.
I did not notice myself being a reincarnate until five years old. Every day a new memory would surface. My mind was going crazy. I did not understand whether I was a man or a woman. I couldn’t talk to anyone. And my parents did not care for me at all, either in the original world or in this world. I used to think that it was a girl in the past. But that was not the case. “
“So, both in this world and in the original world, you bully others to forget your own troubles. For you, you can not put up with other people loving others that is not yourself.

But, that is just an excuse.

A person is different from a spirit. It is rare to be kind to others. People who are kind to others will have reasons to be gentle. You just don’t want to make the effort as you wallow in your own jealousy.
Idiot. You murder others for such a pathetic reason. I can not pity you at all. “
“… … I won’t be happy if I get pitied by someone like you anyway.
Oh, that’s right. I’ll tell you one thing I remembered.
The girl that sent me said. “Please punish this bad girl who bullies spirits. I’ll send you some black clumps. Please struggle as best as you can, Captain Maria Carria. “
You are the Captain Maria Carria. You are also finished. I do not need the sympathy of a finished guy. “

As I have heard what I need to listen to, I have no more reason to stay here. I will take Elizabeth corporal home.

The chief did not show his face to the end

The brat shows off his fangs
“I don’t need such a thing” He sweeps the blue badge away, making it fly to the corner of the room.

I do not retrieve the badge. However, I give him advice.
“You can not escape the crime of attempted murder, but if you wear the badge, you should escape a little from the public’s accusations.”

Officer Fiona is watching with her eyes wide open, not knowing anything. But I notice what sort of things were done and ongoing.

Father Luis Cole was aware of the fact that this brat is a reincarnate. And Luis hated his son while concealing the fact.
And he kept ignoring his presence.
Naturally, he becomes rebellious and hates his father. He may have even cursed his destiny. However, at the same time he wants his father to turn back and sees him. Because he’s still mentally immature to live alone, he must have wanted someone to rely on to..
Therefore, to attract the attention of his father, this brat caused the incident.
It should have been many times, not only this time. My father used his strengths to catch the incident each time.
However, this time it was sniffed by reformist Roger Percival and could not be hidden.

So, what kind of steps does his father take this time?
To put it briefly, he abandons his son. Indeed it bothers him all the way that his son is a reincarnate. That’s why I was called.

This incident is special. It is not just a case of a bad son wearing his father’s power on a shoulder riding up.

First of all, the victim is a foreign worlder named Ogiwara Souta. The sender sends not only reincarnators but also the person himself as he is like he used to.
The boy Ogiwara is protected in a remote village. It seems that he only embraced few delusions unlike other foreigners. Personality is serious and obedient. Naturally, he was also loved by his protector villagers. As it was, no problem would have occurred. However, the villagers who have unnecessary dreams entrusted the boy to a relative of the villagers who live in the city so that he could receive advanced education.
Unfortunately, he was in the same class as Leonard Cole at school.
He was really a prey for Leonard. He would receieve repeated bullying on a daily basis. Hiding the belongings of the boy, throwing it away was just the beginning, He would use his followers to do violence to him everyday.
He was forced to jump off the window of the school building. The Ogiwara boy fell down and hit his head hard. Now he’s in a critical unconscious state.

For reformers this case is a good material to attack conservatives.
The masses’s sympathy for obedient Ogiwara boy can also be expected sufficiently. A bad son of a conservative bullying a weak person with his father trying to conceal his son’s folly. It is the very appearance of an evil wicked man. When the affair is known to the public, it makes a big fuss.

But what if the son who bullied here is a reincarnate who came from another world?
Paintings drawn by reformers will reverse.
A foreign worlder bullying another foreign worlder of the same race. If he hadn’t been a reincarnator, if he had been born with the original personality, there should be no problem with his father’s effort in raising him.
The sender who places such a bad prank is the most rogue. After all, it should become possible for the reincarnation and the different world to return to the original world.

It is dangerous for Leonard Cole to ride on the reformist’s picture as it is. The public ‘s condemnation is too concentrated. Leonard himself will not like him, but here he or she will follow the conservative ‘s intention.
I judged that way and offered a blue badge to Leonard.

“Pick it up, you originally-a-girl reincarnator, I do not feel sympathy for you at all”
In my words Leonard was excited. It seems like a kittens catching up on the alley behind a dog will erect the hair of the whole body.

When Leonard and I were glaring at each other, the door of the interrogation room opened.

As soon as he came in, the sergeant tells us.
“The hospital told me that the boy named Ogiwara is now dead. The charge has changed from attempted murder to murder.”

The news that I do not want to hear arrives.

We get to the police station in the district.

The police station is a five story brick building, If you eliminate the fact that it is located right in a street corner and how severe its entrance looks, it is a quite an ordinary building


In front of the police station stands a man with an extremely large build, with a thick, disheveled carrot-red whiskers.
The man wears a police uniform with a band on his left arm showing his ranki insignia as an inspector.

“It seems it’s the rumored captain. How unfortunate, but today, the police station has closed. Now please go home quietly.”

The man skillfully manipulates the rope of his baton with one hand, throwing it at the air and returning it to his hand repeatedly.


When I try to push aside the man to enter the entranceway of the police station, the man sends his baton towards my throat, stopping it right when it touches my skin.
Naturally, I also ready my Beretta that pull my Slide on my right hand.

“Ho ho, that’s the boasted quick draw of yours, If it were me, I’ll listen a little bit more.”

“Me drawing my gun is meant as a warning and a rejection of your request. Move away from there.”

“Ooh, scary. I say this from the kindness at the bottom of my heart. If you go in now, you won’t return home alive. Everyone here hates you, Captain-san. You’re an obstacle that they want to disappear.”

“I know I am hated. I’ve killed a lot after all. And I also know that you hate me. So this is a waste of time. Move.”

“The one that got caught as the culprit of an attempted murder? It’s the son of the chief here. The idiot named called Leonard Cole. The one that caught him was Sergeant Roger Percival, a really stubborn person. It’s nigh impossible to not make it a family matter. We don’t want some outsider to stumble in and disturb things.”

“I have my own work so don’t disturb me. And you’re just wasting your breath worrying about his life, So shut up and move.”

The man grins. He retracts the baton and lets us through.

I know who this guy is.
Inspector Andreas Atwood.
His current position is low, but inside the police he is the reformist faction’s leader. This country adopts a spoils system. And if he becomes a mayor in the election, Andreas becomes the chief of police.
By the way, in this country, we adopt the two-piece system of the interior ministry police with jurisdiction over the whole country and autonomous police with jurisdiction over the region / provinces.
The police station here corresponds to the autonomous police.

As Andreas says, this incident of attempted murder can be said to be a family trouble between the conservative and the reformist elements inside the police.
The father of the brat called Leonard Cole is the Conservative leader named Luis Cole, while Sergeant Roger Percival belongs to the reformist.

When Andreas held me with his baton, he was warning that if I interfere more than necessary, I can turn the reformers into my enemy.
But it doesn’t matter to me. Even if I have to make them my enemies, I shall do my duty that has been entrusted to me.

Conservatives are generic names for people who hate people from another world and want them to go back there.
If that is the only meaning, then the spirits and I are also conservatives.
However, the majority of conservatives want the power of the spirits to be available again to the residents of this world, excluding people from the other world. What troublesome people.
An example would be a first class magician who doesn’t want to become a fraud. And that’s just the tip of the brush.
They can not forget the power of a spirit who once broke their strike for personal reasons.
Of course, the spirits and I are not included with those folks.

On the other hand, the reformist refers to people who want to make friends with other people on the other hand.
There are various people there. There are the ones who like the delusions of the people from another world. There are also powerless people from another world who are treated socially unfairly, wanting to improve their status. There’s no problem if it’s only those guys like that.
However, there are dangerous people trying to take advantage of the number of foreign worlders who are increasing every day and the carelessness that comes from their youth. Moreover, these dangerous people love modern weapons that sometimes flow from the other world. Especially sniper rifles and so on.

When we entered the police station, a heavy police chief came out of the reception counter.
It seems there was communication from the Ministry of Interior Ministry police, and we were informed to the interrogation office of Leonard Cole graciously by the chief investigator named Miles.

I got a very strange feeling just by entering the interrogation room.
The interior is bright. And there is no smoke of cigarette hovering around the investigation officials. I do not even smell the tobacco.

As I enter the room, the guy who’s sitting on a chair turns his head and glares at me. This person is the idiot called Leonard Cole. Fifteen years old. He’s still 15, huh?

The brat cuts his dark-reddish hair short, with the bangs divided and hanging to the left side. Eyes are light brown. He has a handsome facial appearance. He looks like a young master of a well-off family.
It is a type I have not known for since I was young.

The interrogator stands up and makes a greeting.
“Officer Fiona. Captain Maria Carlia, I’m sorry for the late at night,”
“Thank you for sparing time to do this valuable investigation. Corporal Elizabeth is in the back.”

 Officer Fiona shakes hands with me. Then I try to shake hands with Corporal Elizabeth but I can’t.

I was bewildered at first, but you can’t really touch a spirit. Their appearance is just an illusion of the eyes.
It is something I can not understand at all, but they seem to have some kind of energy body. I do not understand why the energy body has an ego and reason though.
However, I only know that even if they do not eat, they will not feel sleepy nor fatigue.

“By the way, Officer Fiona. It seems that special treatment is being given for the interrogation of Leonard Cole by the chief’s measure.The air in the room is nice and it’s also bright.Although it is before dawn, he doesn’t look sleepy at all. There’s no sign of weariness either. What is the meaning of this?”
“Most of the interrogation of Leonard Cole has already been done. He answered all of our questions honestly.Because of that, he was allowed to sleep in the nap room after the interrogation since he looked tired. That’s why he still looks fine.
And there’s no smell of cigarrette since he didn’t like the smell. Since it wasn’t necessary for the interrogation, we decided to grant his wish.. “
Officer Fiona replies to all my questions smoothly.

But for me it’s a big one.

From the Ministry of Interior police, Leonard Cole was told that he knew something about the sender of a different world.
This is abnormal.
It is the inhabitants of this world, and it is the son of conservative fellows, it is impossible to know such a thing first.
If so, what does that mean?
Did he happen to hear from someone? At first, I also thought so. He was a son of a conservative so he was thought to hate foreign worlders. Maybe by chance he found some information that would be disadvantegous to foreign worlders
However, when I entered the interrogation room, I noticed that the fact was different. It was because Leonard Cole stared at me with disgust.
If he glared at me as if I was his enemy, then there was only one answer.

Leonard Cole is definitely a reincarnationist.

Moreover, saying he dislikes the smell of tobacco explicitly and saying he dislikes the darkness of the room. A normal boy should be tolerant a little. It should be a cheeky age. It is not so. If so, is this a girl who has been sexually changed? How troublesome.

And the fact that this son of a heavyweight conservative is a reincarnate would make a big scandal … ….

After thinking so far, I silently give Leonard Cole a blue badge.

The remaining interrogation of Maruyama in Room 307 will be taken care of by Lieutenant Anne since I am leaving for the police station in this district.
The interior ministry police informs that the arrested attempted murder suspect seems to know something about the one what sends people from the other world.
The busy police can’t be bothered to do the interrogation on behalf of our security bureau. Like it or not I have to go.

Corporal Elizabeth, being out of her shift duty,.becomes my escort. We two decide to walk to the police station three blocks ahead.

It is close to midnight.
This neighborhood is a district where the building has been built since old times. The road is not made of the popular asphalt but made out of cobblestone bedding, and trace of the gas lamp still remains in the sidewalk. It seems that neither residents nor district officials are willing to repair them. Even though there is a certain atmosphere to them, the image of them standing side by side with the electric lamps is a bit amusing.

There was only the sound of our shoes as we walk through the dawn-near night. It’s quiet. Not even a single dog is seen, let alone a man.

Corporal Elizabeth raises her hand towards me, telling me to pay attention.
Yareyare, another attack?
After making the security bureau, I am frequently attacked by those folks who call themselves the Resistance.

A black painted car suddenly appears from the street corner as expected. It seems they’re planning to do a runby with an assault gun or a short machine gun.
I would have panicked if I were the man I was a while back, but now it is different. I do not want to admit, but the spirits who escort me can use magic. No kind of attack can hurt me.

The car who I thought would go straight towards me suddenly meanders off its path. It gets on the sidewalk and crashes into one of the gas lamps. It’s because of Elizabeth’s magic. If she wishes, it can cause the desired change whether metal or wood products.

The hood of the colliding car is distorted from the middle, and there is a sound that something blows out from inside. Blood is stuck on the windshield. The driver does not move.

I pull out my Browning High Power and carefully approach the rear seat.
However, such a thing does not matter, Corporal Elizabeth tears off the door of the rear seat from the car body.

I can not keep getting a shivers whenever this happens. This is nothing other than invincibility. Around 100 years ago, with the cooperation of the spirits, the same thing was able to be used though the condition that the reincarnators needed to chant some magic words first. Furthermore, because the foreigners were neither hesitant nor cautious about using magic, the result must have been more cruel and miserable than what we are seeing right now.
Once again, I think the decision of the spirits to take away magic from this world was correct.

The men inside seem to have been thrown into the back due to the shock. There are big wounds on their foreheads. They seem to be unconscious.

Corporal Elizabeth handily drags them out from the car into the sidewalk.

While watching the situation, my intuition starts to whisper. Danger. You are being targeted. I quickly move half a step to the right.

Something roars and flashes on my left. It scraps the stone pavement on the sidewalk, bounced and went somewhere.

I ready myself for another attack, but the culprit does not shoot anymore.
I have no idea who or what she is.
I know only that the weapon used is like a long-range sniper rifle called Gepad M1 in the other world.
The reason why I know that is because a while back, the spirits gave an in-situ reproduction image of the shooter.
In the image the culprit was also reflected, but the face was unknown since she was wearing mask. However, I knew that she was a woman from the body.
But how does a woman carry a sniper gun that is 10 kilometers away, aim at me from at least 750 meters ahead, quickly withdraw from the shooting and disappear like smoke? It is truly a mystery.

I used to have a relationship with a female sniper a long time ago. It was a bother.

Oh, that’s right. I did not explain the reason for my unusual intuition to work. That is due to having eaten two and a quarter of the mysterious fruit called Yggdrasil’s Apple.
Initially I had only the impression of a rude and delicious apple, but it brought some changes to my body. Intuition is one of them.
It is possible to detect the intention of an attacker in advance.
Thanks to that, I can save my life from the continuous assault of that incredible person for two weeks now.

The impact of the car makes the folks living on the buildings around us to come out.

Along with Elizabeth, I explain to them that it is merely a car accident and have them return home. However, I ask the police to contact me later on.
They were quite suspicious, but they dismiss after seeing our uniform.
It seems that the impression of the spirit guard is not very bright.

We picked up the men’s weapons and headed for the police station at the destination. Of course I fully agree that there is a trap in it.

I address the sex-changed reincarnator in front of me with a grin on my face.
“Well, let’s first ask about the name in the original world, reincarnator-dono.”

“Maruyama Shuhei. Shuhei, Maruyama.” (TL: he’s saying the kanji and then the katakana spelling)
“You do not have to reverse the surname and name, so here are even countries with last names and first names, like Pustalia. You also have countries like that in your world, like Hungary, right? So you don’t have to worry about it , Maruyama Shuhei-dono.”
“So, next question, Maruyama-dono. What kind of person you are before you reincarnate? Also, describe in detail about the situation of reincarnation and the existence that sent you to this world.”
Corporal Anne is taking notes.

“I was an ordinary high school student. One day, I was just on my way home when I saw a puppy crouching in the middle of the road. Panicking, I jumped into the road to save him. But then, a truck hit me…”
Is this pattern again? The sender seems to be quite an unusual person.
Normally, trying to save a small animal would surely ascertain the traffic of the car. If it’s just a few people getting into an accident like this, it wouldn’t be unusual. However, generally, reincarnators get reincarnated here in this pattern. There’s no mistaking it. The one sending them all here must be the one who controlled the trucks.

“When I came to, I was in some kind of white space. There, I met a bearded old man who said “You have potential. I cannot revive you in this world, but I can give you a new life in another world. So, what would it be?” I, who read light novels, was overjoyed to hear that. I accepted his offer immediately.”
“Wait a moment, you didn’t think it was odd? You died an unnatural death. You will be forever separated from your family.  You don’t feel it suspicious at all? Besides, what is special about dying foolishly to save a kitten or a puppy? And you don’t ask any questions at all? Is your head empty or something?”
“Ee, why not? Why isn’t it reasonable to be evaluated as a gentle person by trying to help a cute puppy? Aren’t you the one with a warped personality?”
This guy… he’s far gone. He has been completely brainwashed by that thing called light novels..

“W-well, whatever. Because we don’t have much time … next question, you are going to do something, right? Explain to me as clearly as possible. I know you are going to the remote country of Kabulasca. “
“Aa, you’re talking about patent, right? Since I used the Internet a lot in the previous world, I was thinking to apply for a patent on that mechanism. Do you know about that, internet?”
Even in the country of the remote border, patent examination is still complicated and easy to acquire.

“I know too well of such a thing, since I’ve met your kind thousands of thousands of times already.”

I put an end to his reincarnator excitement before he can get worked up.

Most reincarnators, if they want to earn money easily, will utilize the knowledge of their original world, without even bothering to examine this world first.
Generally, the reincarnator is a young age of about 15 years old. It is nigh impossible that genius is mixed.They will try to sell those knowledge. And those knowledge are not only disorganized and scattered but it also introduces extra mess of being confused with this world’s scientific knowledge..
The safety measure against that is the recently made blue badges that I had handed over too him.
It gives a limit to the ability of the person. In short, it is a warning for residents of this world to not take their scientific knowledge. Those who wear the blue badge can not apply for patents nor can not sell technical ideas.

“But it’s such a waste. It’s the Internet, you know. The Internet.”
“I do not know how much you are familiar with the Internet, but I know that you can not develop a personal computer.I also know that I can not improve the infrastructure of communication.And now, in the elfland, Noiman Janos’s development of his super computer is a huge success. Margaret Engemann who has been exiled from Saarland is also trying to develop cybernetics engineering.
What you’re trying to do here is not something you thought of by yourself.You’re just using the hard work of others in your original world to make easy money. I do not care for such a thing.”

I advise Maruyama for the future.
“Understand? From now on, you use that head of yours well. Whatever was said to you when you reincarnated, you are just an ordinary person here. You are not some special existence. If you just charge ahead irresponsibly, it will hit you in the back eventually.
Moreover, you have been deceived by the one who sent you here. You have been given the handicap of sexual identity disorder. You will have a hard life in the future. Think well before you act. “

Fortunately, I have handed the blue badge to the guy. The badge will protect him reasonably from prejudice.

As usual, it is painful to see a reincarnator being brought back into reality like that  I feel helpless to see them like this.

What on earth does the sender in that world think?

Since about 200 years ago, a large amount of humans came to be sent to this world from a different world. The reason still remains unknown even to this day.
The people who was sent from another world was troublesome, since in most cases they would have misunderstandings or delusions to how this world works, like thinking they can use magic freely, or their physical ability is strengthened.
Certainly there are people who can use magic in this world. They are spirits. And, with their cooperation, reincarnators can use magic.
In the beginning, the spirits deeply sympathize with them.
If they are sent to a desolate, remote place in the future, without the spirits making fire for them, they will soon be hungry and fall in the cold. The fundamentally kind-hearted, embodiment of gentleness spirits protected the reincarnators warmly.
However, the reincarnators began to assume a picute of their own. They misunderstood the spirits’ good intention. They were convinced that the cooperation of the spirits were their right.
They would use the spirits to wage war against themselves, or to massacre the living things of this world they deemed “harmful creatures”, and eventually, they would use the spirits to flaunt their power to the humans and the elves of this world according to their own selfish will.
Magic is too powerful for both the reincarnators and the humans and elves here as well. A mistake in using it will cause a disaster. The spirits repeatedly asked the reincarnators for caution. However, except for a few things, foreigners will not listen. Besides, new and different people are sent in afterwards.
Finally the spirits could not stand it anymore. They took away magic from this world. They began a strike and refused to do all cooperation. This was about 100 years ago from now.

The spirits thought that the problem was solved by this. Indeed, except for strikes of fellow strikers who occasionally appear, we can no longer use magic from this world, and it has become something that can only be found in the mind and other obscene heads.
But it was not enough. The problem now lies in the existence of a different world.
The number of different world people sent like everyday is enormous. Moreover, each one of them has a hard to understand delusions about the ordinary person here. It would be odd if they don’t become a social problem.

Most reincarnators are young folks.They do not know how to associate with people. Nor are they familiar to the living habits and culture here as well. Even if there is willingness to work there is no ability. They are a floating existence in this world, and they are suffering from alienation.

it’s no use.

In order to deal with society anxiety before it got worse, the governments of the world decided to establish multilateral treaties and to prescribe domestic laws in each country to protect them.
And by combining these various protection policies, the worsening of social problems came to be stopped for the time being.

But now the sender from that other world has changed the way to send it.
Reincarnation. Moreover, it seems that he sends them in with a different sex than what they are in the previous world.

Reincarnation is a nuisance. No matter what I say, I do not know if this person is a different world person. There is no way to deal with it.

The reincarnation will certainly come up with something that will cause confusion society suddenly after growing up. Just like a time bomb. With this, another new social problem has arisen.

Extreme government officials even tried to oblige parents to advise their children to observe their behavior and to make them informed that they are incarnates.

So I was invited at the request of the annoying spirits and the tortoise.

However, I was in trouble. Because I am a soldier who only receives totalitarian education, I do not know politicians or anything.
I tried creating a security bureau and a secret police, imitating an organization called Zarland of the Melalia Kingdom, for the time being. My organization isn’t a special bodyguard squad however, we are a defense corps. All the members are spirits. Spirits originally are nudists, but if we walk outside without any clothes on that will surely make the reputation of our organization decline. So, I decided to have the red shirt corps uniform purchased from Melaria.

A sky blue cap. Brown riding pants on black boots. Belt with silver buckle on red shirt.

My eyes may be dirty, but I am honored if you can like this stupid story.
Spirit Guard 1 The hallway of the security bureau is the epitome of dreariness..
Not only is the pipe exposed in the ceiling, lamps hanging at 15 meter intervals are just substitutes for a small umbrella.
Furthermore, the walls are not painted whatsoever. It still has its original white plaster color. In front of the turning corner of the corridor, there is a desk with one black rotary phone.

The desk was located on a corridor intersection in Building B, facing the Room 307. That’s why I am forced to make this small desk my unofficial office.

“Captain Maria Carria, thank you for your trouble.”
The watch on tonight was Elizabeth corporal. She has a pair of green eyes and a red golden hair.
“Good work, this night is quiet also, huh?”
I also salute Corporal Elizabeth  with one hand.

I originally worked as a lieutenant in the volunteer army of the Kingdom of Melalia. However, due to the dream I saw on that busy day, I was able to meet with turtles with the spirits, and I was told of the existence of a different world from them, leading to me getting stuck with the job to act as their guardian.
Tonight I am coming to the security bureau at that work.
By the way, all the security staff are spirits. Corporal Elizabeth who saluted each other now is also a spirit of course.

Lieutenant Anne, who was in charge of the interrogation, enters the Room 307.

This is also a dready room with no paint on its walls. Only one bare light bulb is hung from the ceiling. There is a singular square desk with three chairs where you can’t lean on.

A person sits on one of the chair. Her name is Moline Du Merlot, daughter of a viscount. She is 15 years old. She was taken in at daytime since she is still wearing a white and light blue afternoon dress. Fatigue is on the face.

“Does she still won’t admit it?”
I come closer as Lieutenant Anne salutes me.
“Ha… this girl is pretty stubborn.”

I hurriedly return the lieutenant’s salute in front of the girl before I stand in front of her.

“What are you afraid of, reincarnator?”

Yes, she is being suspected as a reincarnator.

“… … I’m not a reincarnator…”
Moline is a girl with rose-colored cheeks up with blackish flaxish hair. Even so tears are about to fall from the blue eyes.
But I will not be cheated.
A real girl is a creature that can shed tears at any time for self-protection. Although she had been interrogated for a long time and her body must also be at its limit, there are no traces of tears in her cheeks. Even now she refuses to shed tears. In other words, she dislikes shedding tears in front of others.

I know only one kind of creature that possesses such a useless fake courage.

I sigh, deciding to use the usual pattern.

I lean down over her and point my fingers, while looking at her eyes.
“You must have been a greasy middle-aged man in the original world, you will be able to tell in the atmosphere. It would have been a pleasant experience since I was incarnated here, this transformation”
“There is nothing wrong, hey hey, you seem to have had fun every morning every night. Have you been enjoying having your body copied in the mirror, tell me, you perverted guy”
“That, that kind of thing…”
“Have you not imagined funny things while taking a bath everyday, you perverted guy? In the original world, you must have been a filthy hikkikomori that rarely entered the bathroom. Well, now you get a habit of bathing because it’s a beautiful body, completely different from the original one. Aren’t you lucky, you filthy bastard?”
“I was not unclean, I was not a hikkikomori, even baths were included everyday, and my body was never smelly!”
Moline gets upset.
Why the different world people show abnormal attention to body odor and cleanliness. It may be a body odor phobia. It is a kind of obsession.

“Anne, you heard the current statement”
“Yes, Morine de Merlo has accepted that he is a male foreigner”

I give a blue-colored badge to the now upset Moline, due to his true self being revealed. Now he can no longer hide behind his mask as a girl

“This badge is good, wear it at all times. Discounts will be given to shopping at specific stores and parking lots for public facilities such as libraries will be free.”